The Moody Music Building contains several large performance and rehearsal spaces. To reserve one of these rooms, please fill out our room reservation form.

Recital Hall

The Recital Hall seats 140 persons and is used for student recitals, lectures, large classes, and special events. A seven-foot grand piano is kept on the stage. Above the stage are the pipes of a Schlicker organ. The organ console is kept backstage when it is not in use. Motorized blinds on the side walls may be raised or lowered to alter the reverberation.

Choral/Opera Room

The Choral/Opera Room is used for rehearsal by the School of Music choral ensembles and the Opera Theatre’s productions. It is used as a large classroom/lecture space, and an area for post-concert receptions.

Instrumental Rehearsal Room

The Instrumental Rehearsal Room is used for rehearsal by the Huxford Symphony Orchestra, all of the University bands, the Percussion Ensemble, and various other groups. The large crescent windows provide an excellent view of the Law and Medical Schools.

Jazz Rehearsal Room

The Jazz Rehearsal Room is used for rehearsal by the Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Standards Combo, Jazz Combos, and Chamber Jazz groups. There is also a recording studio where many recording projects are made.