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Please fill in as much of the form as you can. We don’t want to know your height or weight or how old you are. (However, it will be very helpful, and interesting, to know when you were graduated from the University.) Most of all, we would appreciate news of your life since UA.

We will not share your address data with anyone else. However, if you would like us to publish your email address on this website, please say so in the “news” box.

If you weren’t a music major at UA, then please don’t fill out our form.

Please fill out the “news” section in the third person (use “he” and “she,” not “I”).  The requirement for telling us your sex is solely to insure that any news you submit that is not in the third person is placed into the third person correctly.

The SOM and the SOM webmaster reserve the right to edit or omit information as appropriate.

The turn-around time is usually less than a week between submission and posting.

If your entry is to update previously submitted information, please note this in your comments.

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