The School of Music offers two sizes of graduate teaching assistantships. A .50 assistantship carries a stipend of approximately $12,700 per annum. A .25 assistantship carries a stipend half as much. Tuition is waived for holders of .50 awards, halved for holders of .25 awards. Usually, .50 assistantships are reserved for students enrolled in the D.M.A. program.

Tuition is described in the Graduate Catalog under “Tuition and Other Expenses.”

Not all students receiving assistantships are assigned teaching responsibilities. Assistants may be assigned work in technical or clerical areas or may be assigned other tasks (e.g., accompanying). Students holding .50 assistantships are expected to teach two three-hour courses per semester; or teach the equivalent in applied music; or work in clerical or other areas for the amount of twenty hours per week. Responsibilities for students holding .25 assistantships are half as much.

Application for music assistantships should be made by completing a GTA application form. Forms may be obtained by writing to the School of Music or by making an online request. Although the nominal deadline is April 15 prior to the fall semester of admission, assistantships may be awarded as early as February. Early application is recommended. Only full-time students who receive unconditional admission to the Graduate School and the School of Music may receive assistantships.

Graduate assistants have a supervisor from the music faculty or staff. Assistants are reviewed each semester by their supervisors. A student who receives a negative review from his or her supervisor may lose the assistantship.

There are term limits for assistantships: two years for master’s students, three years for doctoral students, and four years total for students who move from a master’s into a doctoral degree.

Normally, assistantships are renewed except when a student graduates, reaches a term limit, of fails to perform. However, the particular work assignment for an assistant can change from year to year, or even from semester to semester, according to the needs of the School of Music.