To enroll as a music major or minor in the Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Science, or Bachelor of Arts degree programs in the School of Music, students must:

(1) be admitted to the University of Alabama; and

(2) audition successfully for the appropriate faculty member(s) in the School of Music

In lieu of (2) above, any student intending to major in composition must submit a portfolio of compositions, and any student intending to major in theory must submit a writing sample and a statement of career goals. Please contact Dr. Thomas Robinson for details.

Audition Requirements

Auditions occur in the studios and performing spaces of the Moody Music Building.

The audition must include three works of contrasting style that exhibit musical and technical difficulty appropriate to college music study. For singers, the undergraduate audition program should demonstrate the potential understanding of the classical vocal style (i.e., three art songs in the classical style with one (minimum) sung in a foreign language.)

Auditions in more than one area are discouraged.

Students should plan to spend at least a half-day on campus for an audition. On audition day, students will have the opportunity to meet with various members of the faculty and staff and to tour the facilities. Parents will have the opportunity to meet with members of the faculty and administration.

Students who cannot audition in person because of distance from campus may audition by submitting a recorded audition. Recorded auditions must follow the same format as live auditions and must be recorded on a compact disc, a high-quality audio cassette, VHS format video tape, or DVD.  Recorded auditions must be accompanied by a completed audition application with “Recorded Audition” written at the bottom.

Undergraduate Audition Request

  • Complete this section only if you are a transfer student from another college or university.

  • Please select your current admission status to the University of Alabama.

  • Complete this section only if you are currently enrolled in high school.

  • Please list all schools attended and dates.

  • 3 representative pieces; voice applicants, a minimum of one piece should be in a foreign language. Please list keys.
  • (Singers only; if yes, please send copies of music no later than two weeks before audition. Accompanist are provided with no cost to you. The service is free.)
  • Please write a brief description of your current musical activities. List any musical awards and honors received.
  • Enter additional comments here (such as whether or not you will be auditioning for Honors Band, Honor Choir, etc.).
  • Check this form carefully. When all the information is correct, press the "Submit form" button.