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Susan Fleming Teaching VoiceAll students who wish to study voice at the University of Alabama, whether intending to major in voice, transfer from another school, minor in music, or study as a non-music major, must audition for the voice faculty. For more information on our undergraduate and graduate programs in voice, please consult the appropriate pages. For general information on admissions, scholarships, and financial aid at the University of Alabama, click here.

Undergraduate auditions are held on several days in the spring, as well as on the first day of classes each semester. Students wishing to major in voice (B.M. in performance, B.M. in music therapy, B.S.Ed. in vocal/choral music education, B.A. in general music or in music administration) should prepare three selections, all of which demonstrate a potential understanding of the classical vocal style (i.e., classical art songs sung in English and/or foreign languages). In addition, a pitch matching test and a sight reading example will be part of the on-site audition. Music majors wishing to study voice as a secondary instrument, music minors, and non-music majors should prepare one selection meeting the above criteria. For information about School of Music undergraduate scholarships, including an online application and scholarship dates, click here.

Tips for new students in the voice area are available, as well as specific information that may be helpful to transfer students.

Graduate auditions require a recital program of approximately 25 minutes, to include art songs in Italian, French, German, and English, along with an operatic aria and an oratorio aria. To schedule an audition, click here.