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AuditionsPlacements for Choral Ensembles – Fall 2014


Any student who wishes to audition for University Singers should sign up for a seven-minute “hearing” on Monday or Tuesday afternoon (1:30-5:00 PM) on August 18 or 19.  The schedule of placement times is on the bulletin board directly across from the Choral Opera Room (Room 167) in Moody Music Building.  Non-majors are welcome to audition for Singers as well.  If you are interested in University Chorus only, register for MUA 162 (freshman), MUA 262 (sophomore), MUA 362 (junior), MUA 462 (senior), and no placement is necessary.

All music majors who are studying voice or have a voice scholarship must be heard at this time.

What is involved?

  •  7 minutes of your time
  •  Vocalization, to ascertain range, color, timbre, etc.
  •  Pitch retention (to ascertain your ability to hear intervals and reproduce them in tune)
  •  Sightreading (an unaccompanied melody that modulates to a closely related key)
  •  No prepared piece is required.
  •  No accompanist is needed.

The Choral Placement will be in Room 164 Moody Music Building.

Available Ensembles

University Singers, the premiere, auditioned ensemble, meets Monday/Wednesday 2:00-2:50 and Tuesday/Thursday 2:00-3:15

University Chorus, a non-auditioned ensemble, meets Tuesday/Thursday 12:30-1:45

There is a choir for you!