Marvin E. Latimer Jr.

Marvin E.  Latimer Jr.

Associate Professor; Music Education Department Head

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PhD, University of Kansas

MME, Wichita State University

BME, Wichita State University

Selected Publications

Latimer Jr., M. E. (2019). Excellence in choral music: A history of the American Choral Directors Association. Hinshaw Music Inc. In Press.

Latimer Jr., M. E. (2018). Excellence in choral music: A chronology of the American Choral Directors Association, Choral Journal, in press.

Ferretti, D. T. & Latimer Jr., M. E. (2015). A content analysis of ACDA National Conference interest sessions: 1960–2013. Proceedings of the International Symposium on Singing and Song.

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Latimer Jr., M. E. (2013). J. W. Donavin’s Tennesseans (1873–95): A chronicle of an influential African American jubilee troupe, their entrepreneurial Director, and their music. Choral Journal 54(3), 37–48.

Latimer Jr., M. E. (2012). The Charles Hirt Papers: An overview. Choral Journal, 53(1), 16-29.

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Latimer Jr., M. E., Bergee, M. J., & Cohen, M. L. (2010). Reliability and perceived pedagogical utility of a weighted music performance assessment rubric. Journal of Research in Music Education 58, 168–183.

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Marvin E. Latimer Jr. is Associate Professor, Head of the Music Education Department, and Conductor of the Women’s Chorus at the University of Alabama. He received the BME and MME from Wichita State University and the PhD in Music Education from the University of Kansas. Dr. Latimer is past-president of the Alabama Choral Directors Association, founding chair of the Organization History Subcommittee of the ACDA Research and Publications Committee, and chair of the ACDA Sixtieth Anniversary Legacy Committee. He is the 2018 recipient of the Alabama Music Educators Association Thomas R. Smith Award for Excellence. Dr. Latimer’s recent monograph, Excellence In Choral Music: A History of the American Choral Directors Association, published by Hinshaw Music Inc., is scheduled for release in early 2019.