Alumni and Friends

The alumni and friends of the UA School of Music are a very important part of our community and development.  We invite you to share the news of your career and life since your graduation from UA.  We also welcome your suggestions.

We want to hear from you!  If you would like to share your alumni news, please to fill out an online form at the bottom of this page. Alumni information submitted via this form may be published in Alabama Music Notes, the magazine of the School of Music or on this website. If you do not wish for your information to be printed, please leave a comment on your form.

To review our current database of alumni, please click on one of the following:


Alabama Music Notes, the official magazine of the School of Music, is available online. To read more about AMN or to find out how to offer suggestions, please click on the link.

To keep up with events currently going on at the School of Music, find out how to subscribe to the School of Music Calendar.

Also available is A History of the Department of Music by Tom Garner. This brief history of the School of Music ends at 1944 and is an interesting look at the early development of our school.

If you would like to view a gallery of School of Music photos, please click here.  Several of these photos are from many years ago.  If you know who is pictured, please e-mail us so that we may add appropriate captions.

 Before filling out the form, please read over these guidelines:

  • Please fill in as much of the form as you can. We don’t need to know specifics such as your height or age, unless it is relevant to your news. Most of all, we would appreciate to learn of news about your life since UA.
  • We will not share your address data with anyone else. However, if you would like us to publish your email address on this website, please say so in the “news” box.
  • This form is only for UA music majors.
  • Please fill out the “news” section in the third person (use “he” and “she,” not “I”).  The requirement for telling us your sex is solely to insure that any news you submit that is not in the third person is placed into the third person correctly.
  • The School of Music webmaster reserves the right to edit or omit information as appropriate.
  • If your entry is to update previously submitted information, please note this in your comments.

Alumni Spotlight

  • What degree(s) did you earn at the University of Alabama?
  • What year did you graduate from the University of Alabama?