Graduate Audition Request

To enroll as a graduate student at the University of Alabama School of Music, students must be admitted to The University of Alabama and audition successfully for the appropriate music faculty member(s).

Complete the Graduate Audition Request Form.

Audition Requirements

Auditions occur in the studio and performing spaces of the Moody Music Building. Students should plan to spend at least a half-day on campus for an audition. On audition day, students will have the opportunity to meet with various members of the faculty and staff and to tour the facilities.

Students who cannot audition in person because of distance from campus may audition by tape. Taped auditions must follow the same format as live auditions and must be recorded on a compact disc. Tapes must be accompanied by a completed audition application with “Recorded Audition” written at the bottom.


For instrumentalists, the audition must include three works of contrasting style that exhibit musical and technical difficulty appropriate to graduate music study.


The audition program in voice should include five or six varied selections for the MM audition and a 20-25 minute recital program for the DMA audition. All graduate auditions should demonstrate an understanding of various vocal styles such as lieder, mélodie, 20th- and 21st-century techniques, as well as opera and oratorio arias.

Students should also be able to show facility in diction and basic comprehension of the foreign languages commonly used in classical singing. See the pre-screening requirements for voice below.

Composition, Theory, & Musicology Interview

As a composition and theory applicant, you are not required to submit a performance-based audition. Instead, you will submit a portfolio for review.

For the composition program, contact Dr. Zaheri at for the required submission materials.

For the theory program, contact Dr. Robinson at for the required submission materials

For the musicology program, contact Dr. Don Fader at for the required submission materials.

You will still need to arrange to attend an audition in order to interview with the apprpriate faculty member and sit for a Theory Fundamentals Exam.

Pre-Screening for Voice & Piano

Pre-screening recordings are recommended for applicants to the MM and DMA degrees in piano and they are required for voice prior to the on-site audition. Please submit a high-quality recording by email to the contact listed below.

For voice applicants, video files are required. Mp3s, Mp4s, YouTube, Vimeo, or other similar formats are preferred and should be submitted by email attachment or links. Please submit three varied selections, with at least one selection in English, to Dr. Paul Houghtaling at

For piano applicants, video files are preferred, but audio recordings are acceptable. Please submit three contrasting works (single movements of larger works are acceptable) to Dr. Kevin Chance at

Other Areas

Basic Musicianship and Music History Exam

The audition day includes two preliminary examinations, one in basic musicianship and one in music history. The tests are rudimentary in nature.

The musicianship test will measure your ability to recognize, notate, and takedown in dictation such things as scales, modes, intervals, triads, and tonal melodic fragments. The music history test is designed primarily to measure your ability to write English prose.

Please note that these tests are separate from the diagnostic tests in theory and history which are administered at the start of the semester should a candidate be accepted and enroll in the School of Music.