Undergraduate Audition Request

To enroll as a music major or minor in the Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Science, or Bachelor of Arts degree programs in the School of Music, students must be admitted to The University of Alabama and successfully interview/audition for the appropriate music faculty member(s).

Complete the undergraduate audition request form online.

Audition Requirements

After completing the undergraduate audition request, auditions occur in the studios and performing spaces of the Moody Music Building.

The audition must include works of contrasting style that exhibit musical and technical difficulty appropriate to college music study.

For singers, the undergraduate audition program should demonstrate the potential understanding of the classical vocal style (i.e., three art songs in the classical style with one [minimum] sung in a foreign language.) Please visit the page for your area to learn about specific requirements for auditions.

Auditions in more than one area are discouraged.

Students should plan to spend at least a half-day on campus for an audition. On audition day, students will have the opportunity to meet with various members of the faculty and staff and to tour the facilities. Parents will have the opportunity to meet with members of the faculty and administration.

Students who cannot audition in person because of distance from campus may audition by submitting a recorded audition. Recorded auditions must follow the same format as live auditions and must be approved by the individual’s applied instructor prior to submitting their application.

Composition & Theory Interview Requirements

In lieu of auditioning on an instrument, a student applying for the composition or the theory major will meet with the composition & theory faculty for an interview and will submit a portfolio for review. An interview date should be selected on the form below, and questions about the portfolio submission should be sent to Dr. Amir Zaheri at amir.zaheri@ua.edu

Music Therapy Audition & Interview Requirements

Students majoring in music therapy must complete additional requirements related to musical and written skills specific to music therapy coursework. Information about the audition materials can be found on the Music Therapy admissions page.

Students who are interested should complete the School of Music online application form (see https://music.ua.edu/apply-audition/). Once that form has been completed, Dr. Cevasco-Trotter will email a link to an individual music therapy Box account for each student so that videos and written materials may be submitted. The deadline for submitting music therapy materials is March 1, 2021.

Theory Fundamentals Exam

At the time of audition, all prospective students will complete a short placement exam. This diagnostic will have no impact on admission decisions, but it will serve to guide our faculty in advising your enrollment in either Music Fundamentals or Theory I for your first semester. It addresses pitch identification in treble and bass clefs, key signatures, scales, intervals, basic rhythms, and basic meters, and simple root-position triads.

To help you prepare, the composition & theory area recommends Elements of Music by Joseph N. Straus. The website musictheory.net is another reliable source of information. For fall 2021 admission, the exam is being offered virtually via Zoom. Please sign up for an available time. This is a required component of the audition. 

Parent/Student Informational Meetings

Students and parents will have an opportunity to attend informational sessions to address individual questions about student life, finances, curriculum, and career goals with members of staff and faculty. We encourage all auditioning students and parents to make every effort to attend.