Announcement: The Camilla Huxford Women Composers’ Initiative

The Huxford Symphony and the School of Music at the University of Alabama announce the creation of the Camilla Huxford Women Composers’ Initiative, an annual program tasked with identifying emerging women composers, workshopping and performing their work, and promoting their work through recordings. Each year, the Initiative will select the work of an early career stage woman composer to be performed by the orchestra. As part of a yearlong process, the chosen work will be given two workshop readings with the composer present, with substantial time between readings that the composer will have the opportunity to refine and revise her work prior to final rehearsals and the performance. Unique to this initiative is the possibility for composers to write work without restrictions of instrumentation, but within the capabilities of the University of Alabama School of Music. Composers are encouraged to write creatively for the orchestra and employ novel combinations of instruments. Composers may use non-standard instruments including, but not limited to, saxophone, tenor tuba, extended percussion sections, organ, harpsichord, multiple keyboard instruments, and electronics. Composers may also write works that include multimedia or that use the performing space as a compositional element (offstage musicians, musicians placed throughout the audience, etc.…). However, these nonstandard uses are by no means a requirement or will be used as an evaluative measure in themselves; this is simply an option that composers will have when submitting works, and composers may also choose to write works for an entirely standard instrumentation. Works submitted will be judged first and foremost on the music written.

Submission guidelines:

  • Works should be submitted in PDF format to no later than 5pm on December 1, 2019.
  • Each composer may submit only one work for consideration.
  • Works must not have been performed by a professional orchestra, though works previously heard in a reading session or university performance are allowed.
  • For works requiring a soloist or electronics, composer will submit a proposal for who will perform as soloist or electronic artist. Works requiring a soloist(s), electronics, or multimedia elements must include all requirements in the score. Any guest artists needed for the performance of the work will not receive funding from UA.
  • Selection committee will consist of Huxford Symphony Music Director Blake Richardson, and composers Jennifer Jolley and Clint Needham
  • There is no application fee. Travel from within the U.S. and accommodation provided.
  • Winners must be available for workshop sessions, final rehearsals, and performance.
  • Each submission will be evaluated on the quality of the score, and thus the composer should submit a score that is a clear, accurate representation of their work.
  • Works should be submitted with the understanding that the goal of this initiative is to refine the composition throughout the course of workshop sessions.
  • Composers will be notified by February 1, 2020 if their work has been selected.

Following the performance, composers will be provided with a high quality audio and multi camera video recording. The University of Alabama shall retain rights to recording and is granted permission to use recording for archival purposes and to promote orchestra, work, and composer through social media accounts and other media channels.

Any questions should be directed to