Dr. Jane Weigel and Professor Laura Woolf Present at Education Explosion

Dr. Jane Weigel and Professor Laura Woolf presented at the National Literacy Institute’s Education Explosion Conference in Houston, TX. Central to their ‘Using Manipulatives to Bolster Foundational Literacy Skills’ presentation was I Bought Me A Cat, an in-house production by School of Music staff and featuring music faculty. This recording and more collaborations will be used in Prof. Woolf’s section of MUE 385 and CMS pre-K music classes Fall 2023.


I Bought Me A Cat, Sound Recording:

Project Conception:  Jane Weigel and Laura Woolf          Producer: Jane Weigel          Music Arranger:  Daniel Western

Sound Engineer:  Paul Oliver       Animal Sounds: Isaac Glover; Constance Maternik-Piret; Vivian Woolf

Musicians:  Laura Woolf, voice; Osiris Molina, clarinet; Stephen Clark, flute; Mary Lindsey Bailey, oboe; Jon Whitaker, trombone; Moises Molina, cello; Jonathan Noffsinger, alto saxophone; Charles Skip Snead, horn; Paul Oliver, drum-set, woodblock, triangle; Jenny Grégoire, violin; Chris Kozak, bass; Tom Wolfe, guitar.