Huxford Symphony Concerto Competition

It’s that time of year again! Two students (or groups of students for works involving multiple soloists) will be invited to perform with the Huxford Symphony as soloists during the 2019-2020 season as winners of the Huxford Symphony Concerto Competition. The competition is open to performers on all instruments as well as vocalists. Students may also form a group of players and submit entries for works involving multiple soloists. For those works involving multiple soloists, a faculty signature from each student’s applied teacher is required for EVERY person competing with that work.

The Huxford Symphony concerto competition will be held on Sunday, November 10 in the recital hall. Click here for the the entry form. Hard copies are located on the orchestra board located outside the IRR. Entry forms are due on Monday, September 16 by 5pm and students should turn this form in to a separate folder located on the same orchestra board.

If any students are playing a work that is not standard repertoire or is known to be an unusually difficult piece for the orchestra, please talk to Dr. Blake Richardson before submitting the form. Most compositions should be memorized, though reasonable exceptions will be made for modern or group works.

Competitors are responsible for determining cuts in order to fit within their allotted time. Each competitor will be given the following amounts of time to play on the competition day based on the duration of a standard performance of their composition:

Works of 0-10 minutes will have 5 minutes to perform

Works of 10-25 minutes will have 10 minutes to perform

Works of 25+ minutes will have 15 minutes to perform

Two winners will be selected: one undergraduate and one graduate. Should the panel determine that no graduate or no undergraduate is a suitable winner, the panel reserves the right to award two graduate winners, two undergraduate winners, or only one winner.

For any and all questions, please contact Dr. Richardson.