2020-2021 Huxford Symphony Orchestra Concerto-Aria Competition

 The Huxford Symphony Orchestra Concerto-Aria Competition will be held in November 2020. Prize winners will be given the opportunity to perform as soloist with the Huxford Symphony Orchestra during the Spring 2021 semester, or at a later date subject to scheduling and availability. 


The Huxford Symphony Concerto-Aria Competition is open to all University of Alabama undergraduate and graduate music majors. Up to three students will be selected as prize winners of the competition. Instrumentalists may perform a concerto from the standard repertoire, or a contemporary concerto or solo piece with orchestral accompaniment. Singers may perform an orchestral song-cycle, a collection of arias, or another work with orchestral accompaniment. Repertoire must be approved by the applicant’s applied teacher and Dr. Reeves. Any questions regarding repertoire should be discussed in advance of submitting the application. 

Application Procedure 

Submit a completed application form and a video recording of your chosen work(s) via an unlisted YouTube or equivalent weblink. The total duration for the video should be approximately 10 minutes in length. The recording may be either complete movements or arias, or a selection of excerpts from multiple movements in the case of instrumental submissions. Applicants may submit a video recording with piano accompaniment that is recorded separately and produced into a “duet” video, or a video recording of a performance with a pre-recorded audio track accompaniment. The soloist’s performance must be completed in one continuous take, without any audio or video editing. Submissions where the soloist’s performance has been edited will be disqualified from the competition. 

From the recorded applications the competition committee will select a group of finalists to participate in an in-person audition. If the circumstances on campus prevent a live final round, winners will be selected based on the preliminary recorded auditions. 

A completed application form along with an unlisted link to the audition video must be submitted to Dr. Reeves by Friday, October 30th at 5:00pm.