Procedures for Scheduling and Recording Graduate Recitals, Lectures, or Lecture-Recitals

  1. Scheduling Timeframe
    • Recitals, lectures, and lecture-recitals are scheduled during the fall and spring semesters.
    • Scheduling outside fall and spring semesters requires formal approval of the advisory committee through petition of the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS).
    • Scheduling during dead week or finals week requires permission of the Chair of the School of Music.
  2. Scheduling Form
    • The student must obtain a Recital Intake form from Music Services to initiate scheduling of any recital, lecture, or lecture-recital.
  3. Time and Date Selection
    • Through Music Services, the student will select possible date(s).
    • On the Recital Intake form, the student will supply the names and email addresses of all advisory committee members.
  4. Scheduling Form Approval
    • The major professor must approve the student’s requested dates prior to submission of the form to Music Services.
    • The student returns the form, with the required information, to Music Services to secure a date.
  5. Scheduling Form
    • Music Services notifies the committee, keeps a file, and sends reminders to the committee.
  6. Cancellation Policy
    • No recital, lecture, or lecture-recital may be cancelled or rescheduled without written authorization of the major professor, presented to Music Services.
      • Music Services will notify the committee.
    • No recital, lecture, or lecture-recital may be rescheduled more than once in a given semester.
  7. Recording
    • For performances given for graduate credit at the SOM during spring or fall terms, the SOM provides a high-quality audio or video recording that is made available to the advisory committee for evaluation.
    • For any recital, lecture, or lecture-recital given on campus but outside the SOM, off-campus, or outside fall and spring terms, the student is responsible for providing the recording.
    • If the composition recital consists of components from more than one performance, regardless of performance venue, the student is responsible for providing one recording containing all components for advisory committee evaluation.
    • Degree credit for a performance will not be awarded unless a recording is made available to the advisory committee.