Faculty & Staff Directory

Faculty & Staff Directory

Charles "Skip" Snead

School of Music Director, Professor of Horn

(205) 348-7110

Amir Zaheri

Area Coordinator, Composition & Theory, Associate Professor of Composition, University Organist & Denny Chimes Carillonneur

Christy Thomas Adams

Assistant Professor of Musicology

(205) 348-7666

Jacob Adams

Associate Professor of Viola, Assistant Director of Graduate Studies

(205) 348-3126

Mary Lindsey Bailey

Associate Professor of Oboe

(205) 348-0619

Julie Bannerman

Assistant Professor of Music Education

(205) 348-1344

Matthew Boyle

Assistant Professor of Music Theory

(205) 348-1472

Andrea Cevasco-Trotter

Professor of Music Therapy, Director of Music Therapy

(205) 348-7804

Kevin T. Chance

Associate Professor of Piano, Keyboard Area Coordinator

(205) 348-2739

Jeremy Crawford

Associate Professor of Tuba & Euphonium, Associate Director-School of Music

(205) 348-0624

Alexis Davis-Hazell

Assistant Professor of Voice and Lyric Diction, Mezzo-Soprano, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies

Andrew Raffo Dewar

Professor of Interdisciplinary Arts

(205) 348-9928

Ellary Draper

Associate Professor of Music Therapy

(205) 348-1432

Don Fader

Professor, Coordinator of Musicology

(205) 348-4135

Jenny Grégoire

Associate Professor of Violin, String Area Coordinator

(205) 348-7790

Carl B. Hancock

Professor of Music Education, Music Education Department Head

(205) 348-6054

Paul Houghtaling

Professor, Co-Coordinator of Voice, and Director of Opera, Bass-Baritone

(205) 348-3396

Mark Hunter

Associate Director of Athletic Bands, Director of Pep Bands

Christopher Kozak

Associate Professor, Director of Jazz Studies

(205) 348-6333

Morgan Luttig

Assistant Professor and Director of Choral Activities

(205) 348-0178

Andrew Lynge

Assistant Professor of Percussion, Director of Percussion Studies

(205) 348-8222

Kenneth McGuire

Associate Professor of Music Education

(205) 348-1430

Osiris J. Molina

Professor of Clarinet, Woodwind Area Coordinator

(205) 348-7451

Moisés Molina

Assistant Professor of Cello

(205) 348-1466

Jonathan Noffsinger

Assistant Director-Director of Graduate Studies , Associate Professor of Saxophone and Jazz, Director of Graduate Studies

(205) 348-1475

Kenneth Ozzello

Professor of Conducting, Director of Bands

(205) 348-8242

Hannah Roberts

Assistant Professor of Piano

(205) 348-1457

Thomas Robinson

Associate Professor of Music Theory

(205) 348-1481

Joseph Sargent

Assistant Professor of Musicology

(205) 348-1465

Edisher Savitski

Associate Professor of Piano

(205) 348-1462

Diane Schultz

Professor of Flute, Assistant Director-Director of Undergraduate Studies

(205) 348-4532

Steve Simpson

Assistant Director of Athletic Bands

(205) 348-3443

David Tayloe

Associate Professor of Voice and Song Literature, Tenor

(205) 348-1411

Tyler Bradley Walker

Assistant Professor of Composition, Director of Electronic Music Studios

(205) 348-4876

Jonathan Whitaker

Professor of Trombone

(205) 348-1480

Susan Williams

Associate Professor of Voice and Vocal Pedagogy, Associate Director of Opera

(205) 348-4690

Ransom Wilson

Camilla Huxford Endowed Chair in Orchestral Studies

Tom Wolfe

Professor of Jazz Studies, Professor of Musical Audio Engineering

(205) 348-7139

Eric Yates

Associate Professor of Trumpet, Brass Area Coordinator

(205) 348-8223

Jennifer Caputo

Instructor of African Drumming, instructor in New College and New College LifeTrack

(205) 348-1656

Benjamin Crofut

Instructor of Double Bass

(205) 348-9121

Colin Kemper

Instructor of Music Composition, Co-Artistic Director of the Contemporary Ensemble

Gesa Kordes

Instructor of Musicology and Chamber Music

(205) 348-4135

Mark Lanter

Instructor of Jazz Studies

(205) 967-7235

Melissa Life

Instructor of Choral Music Education

(205) 348-2809

Jonathan Ligrani

Instructor of Musicology

(205) 348-8558

Laura Pritchard

Instructor of Voice, Associate Director of Opera, Mezzo-Soprano

Judy Ransom

Adjunct Instructor of Music Education

(205) 348-6054

Dawn Sandel

Director of Music Therapy Clinical Field Education

Scott Santoro

Instructor of Music, Vocal Coach

Carlos "Felipe" Viña

Instructor of Bassoon

(205) 348-1695

Daniel Western

Instructor of Music Theory

(205) 348-0864

Michael Wilk

Senior Instructor of Pro Tools

(205) 348-7111

Kevin Woosley

Senior Instructor of Class Piano , Area Coordinator for Introduction to Listening

(205) 348-6454

Pam Hewitt

Administrative Specialist

(205) 348-7113

Davie Higginbotham

Office Associate II, Admissions & Curricula Coordinator

(205) 348-7112

Jane Weigel

Director of the Community Music School

(205) 348-6741

Samantha Wolf

Co-Artistic Director of the Contemporary Ensemble

Ben Woolf

Office Associate II

(205) 348-7118

Scott AuCoin

Associate Director of Choral Activities

Lauren Taylor

Administrative Assistant II

(205) 348-6054