Dr. Jon Whitaker Edits “The Brass Gym” for Trombone

Dr. Jon Whitaker, Professor of Trombone, is excited to announce a project he has been working on with Patrick Sheridan, “Trombone Gym”, is now available for purchase. According to the book website description, “The Brass Gym’ contains a daily basics routine developed from a synthesis of our experiences from more than 50 combined years of touring as performers and educators throughout the world. The workout consists of exercises that cover comprehensively the basic aspects of wind playing. It can also be used as a warm-up activity as the exercises are ordered in a gentle “ramp up” with demand increasing throughout the workout.” Whitaker stated “I have used this pedagogy and these exercises in my playing and teaching for my entire professional career. Pat and┬áSam Pilafian┬áhave been a huge inspiration to me and countless other musicians all over the world and I am so honored to be able to have edited this edition specifically for trombonists.”