Alumni News: From the University of Alabama to the Alabama Symphony Orchestra

Ansley Frachiseur graduated in Spring 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Administration with a minor in General Business. She is currently working as the Individual Giving Manager for the Alabama Symphony Orchestra where she is in charge of fundraising campaigns, donor acquisition and retention, email/print marketing, and running social media. Ansley credits her time working in Music Services and the Band Office inside the School of Music for helping her land an internship with Alabama Symphony Orchestra, which then led to her being hired for a full-time position. Her music administration courses helped prepare her for her role and she has “found that a lot of the projects I work on for my job are very similar to projects I was asked to complete for classes like Fundraising for Non-Profit Organizations (MUS 490) and Music Management (MUS 315).” During her time as a student, Ansley was involved with Wind Ensemble, Million Dollar Band, Sigma Alpha Iota, Flute Choir, Community Music School, and taught flute lessons at a local high school. When asked about her favorite School of Music memory, she said “There are too many great memories to name one specific one, but many of my favorite memories stem from the times spent with my fellow music major friends while working on theory homework or studying for music history tests. While the homework and tests weren’t fun, so many laughs and inside jokes originated during those late nights working on assignments and within class group messages. You 100% find a second family and support system amongst your music major peers.” Keep rocking’ it, Ansley!