School of Music Ensembles Update – Fall 2020

Returning and New Students:
I sincerely hope that all who read this message are well and safe.
In response to the number of messages I continue to receive about the ways in which ensembles in the School of Music will operate in the coming weeks, I write to alleviate any lingering confusion, and to confirm that all ensembles, irrespective of size (chamber through large), will begin in a virtual format. This is to say that no ensembles in the School of Music will be meeting in-person at the beginning of this semester.
We will continue to closely monitor the facts and guidance which have made clear the need to make this decision. If it becomes evident that an in-person rehearsal plan is viable – one which is safe and in keeping with all applicable policies and procedures – such a transition may take place.
You may expect to hear from ensemble directors in the near future, if you have not already, with details pertinent to each group. Though ensemble rehearsals will begin in an atypical way, every student should expect to experience a fulfilling musical and educational experience. The School of Music has committed to this wholly.
If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your ensemble director, applied teacher, and/or your advisor. Of course, I will always be glad to hear from you. Reach out at any time.
With all best wishes for a great semester,
Dr. Amir Zaheri
Associate Director of the School of Music