Alumni News

Alumni News, 1990-1999

1990 Paul Jarvis (BS ’83, MM ’90): Paul served as a band director in various schools in Alabama in Georgia. In 1990 he left music to pursue a career in aviation. He lives now in Birmingham with wife Kathy and daughter Emory, and he works as a pilot for a major corporation. Marjorie Johnston (BMus ’87 and

Alumni News, 1980-1989

1980 Robin Bonner (BS in music education and piano, ’80): Robin taught elementary classroom music, private piano, and high school choir at Open Door Christian School in Tuscaloosa for 22 years. She is currently the pianist at Piney Grove Baptist Church in Tuscaloosa, where her husband, Larry, is the pastor. She also enjoys singing solos

Alumni News, 1970-1979

1970 Ronald & Glenda Myers Davis (Ronald: BM, ’68 and MM ’70 in organ performance; Glenda: BM, ’67 and MM ’69 in piano performance): Ronald and Glenda have lived in Owosso, Michigan for the past 35 years. They taught at John Wesley College in Owosso until 1979. Ronald taught public school music in Corunna, Michigan

Alumni News, 1960-1969

1961 Mary Benson Vaughn (BM in piano/voice ’61): After graduating from UA, Mary received a master’s degree in music from Radford University and then went on to do post-graduate work at Peabody Conservatory and in New York City. After many years of teaching and working in music and education with theaters, Mary is now primarily

Alumni News, 1950-1959

1959 Ernest Allen (BS ’57, MA ’59): Ernest retired in 1986 after 29 years as a band director in Alabama and Georgia. He is married to Carol Austin Allen.

Alumni News, 1940-1949

1949 Henry Warner (BM ’49): Henry graduated in Physics from FSU and did research at the Navy lab in Panama City until 1980. He continued composing over the years. He recently added a section of photos and info about the UA School of Music from 1944-1949 to his websites: and